Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Happy Birthday Pier Giorgio! (April 6th)

I did an icon of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati (shown above) which was presented to his niece Wanda by my friend Ellen (shown at the top) a few years ago in Rome. The icon is now in the Frassati family home at Pallone, Italy.

(I have no other photos of the icon. The Beato is shown in the mountains with two peaks in the background, suggesting wings - alluding to his virginity and purity. He holds a mountain climbers pick and a rosary with the crucifix of JPII. The panel is framed in gold. Click the photos to see close ups.)


  1. You're incredibly talented. God bless you.

  2. That is a very high compliment coming from you - thanks much!

  3. Dear Terry,

    Those mountains look like angel wings!

  4. Yes - that was deliberate, because he was a III order Dominican and the angelic thing fits him... think Angelicum, and Fr Agelico, and the Angelic Doctor, etc.

  5. You whipper-snapper you.

  6. Ter: I see you are already Stanley Tucci as Puck!

  7. Hi Terry - I've dropped by but not introduced myself before...

    What a BEAUTIFUL icon! Just incredibly beautiful.

    Nice to meet you...stop on by sometime!

  8. I could tell you were using natural surroundings to suggest the angel wings and the halo. Very nicely done.

    Very few artists can claim that one their pieces is owned by the actual family of a Blessed. You should feel very proud!

  9. Georgette1:47 AM

    Beautiful! What a face!

  10. jeron8:07 AM

    It's amazing. Look at the depth of expression in the eyes. And I love the mountains/wings "thing" (I'm not educated enough to know what kind of artistic "trick" that would be called; not a tromp l'oeil, but you know what I mean).

  11. I'm glad you're finally sharing your incredible artwork with the rest of us...just wonder why you were so reluctant! It is really incredible and you are very talented.

    FYI - There is a homeschool group in Stillwater called the Faustina and Frassati group.


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