Sunday, April 06, 2008

Introducing... The painter.

I found these photos of myself taken right after I painted the front rooms just a few years ago. Otherwise, I do not think I have any recent photos of myself. And I am only posting these because people have requested to see some of my paintings as well as photos of me. I can't stand the truth, so these may not remain up for very long.


  1. At last! Thank you. And DO leave them up. They are wonderful.

  2. I don't care what anyone says to the contrary, it's almost always a good thing to actually have an image in your mind of who you are interacting with online.

    Your posting these photos really helps to remind me that there is a very real person behind the words, the wit, the insight, the sarcasm and downright scaryness that is (can be) your online persona.

    Your art is just delicious...

  3. adoro6:52 PM

    Please leave your pictures up..they ARE wonderful. And it is finally nice to see you!

  4. Oh, come on! That's not you!

    Or is it???

    I'll never tell...

    (Cathy the Trickster)

  5. When I was growing up, I could not stand to be photographed, and tore up every picture of me. Now that I'm older, when I see the few pictures still remaining, I think--sheesh, I looked pretty good back then.

    Please leave up the pictures! In a few years you think--sheesh I looked pretty good back then--LOL!

  6. WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GET THAT DESK????? A malachite desk set?????

  7. Wait a minute. With the hair and the moustache you sort of look like Einstein.

  8. Ok, I'm like Jeffrey. My eyes went right to that desk. Gorgeous! You're not bad either.

  9. Georgette1:25 AM

    very handsome...and your furniture is cool :)

  10. Jeron7:29 AM

    Terry, it is *so good* to see you! You are a handsome gent and a talented artist with fantastic taste.

    Nice to *meet* you.

  11. your home is exactly like I pictured it... very tasteful. The desk is surperb.

    Leave the photos up, you look great.

  12. yeh, well, i'm not sold that it is really you.
    you've scarred and soured us for so long with all these other pictures, what's one supposed to think?
    what do these women who hang out at your blog really know? only what you let them know.
    then you cover it behind a veil of 'maybes' and 'what-ifs'.
    until i put my fingers into the wound, and my hand into your side...

  13. Uncle Jim - it really is me - but I have since put on a little weight.

  14. Wow!!!

    Great pix Terry - leave them up:)


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