Sunday, April 06, 2008

A couple of commissions...

Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

The top two are my photos of the finished icon I was commissioned to do for the altar shown above. (Church of St. Anthony, Albany, MN) The original icon was cracking and turned out to be a print, and the pastor commissioned me to paint a replacement. (I'm not a photographer, my apologies for the poor quality.)

Our Lady of Hermits.

Fr. L. took this photo in his hermitage. He commissioned me to do an icon of the Blessed Virgin for his hermitage, requesting that Our Lady's hair be in evidence, although not her hands. (I never asked why.) I came up with this image. Our Lady's hair is braided, although that detail doesn't show up in the photo. The hermit lives in northern Minnesota and is also my spiritual director.

(Much of my work has never been photographed.)


  1. Beautiful work, Terry. You have a real gift.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2. Terry - I'm never sure with you. Did you really do those paintings??? Really?? If so - I am overwhelmed!

  3. Thanks Michael.

    And you too Adrienne. Yes - I did paint these - but I honestly do not think they are very good, there are a few things which disapoint me in OLPH.

  4. The paintings are beautiful. I'm so impressed!

  5. Man, these are quite beautiful! I LOVE the Our Lady of the Hermits. It looks like the wind is blowing against her. I'm not sure if this is an effect you had in mind when you painted the icon, but it's how the painting speaks to me. BTW, what do you call the type of clothing she is wearing?

    You do very good work, Terry.

  6. Stunning. You're awesome.

  7. O! The O of contemplative admiration as in the O Antiphons!

  8. I must admit, I was thinking exactly the same thing as Adrienne when I first saw these images of your art and also of play the clown so often that I have come to realise that i could know everything and nothing about you all at once...and that one or both of us need therapy big time.

  9. Ter: You do marvelous work.

    ukok: Terry likes to keep people off balance. LOL! He is a deeply spiritual, kindly, talented man, disguised as a fool (luv ya, Ter). His disguise is a ruse to throw Satan off track.

  10. Anonymous8:00 PM

    You are a TRUE artist! I like that you do religious art.

  11. Georgette1:29 AM

    Terry!!!! Exquisite!!!!!

  12. You are all too much - thank you very much.

  13. Wonderful! You have a gift. Love them all.


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