Saturday, August 12, 2017

Like a moth to a flame ...

Too close and you get burned.

Facebook is a curse.  Ran into family - literally.  


  1. That, and Zuck flirting with politics are two good reasons to stay away.

  2. It's crazy - it really is. It's just a place to connect and post dumb stuff for me. I'm sorry I got involved.

  3. I thought you posted your dumb stuff here?


  4. I use Facebook mostly for interest groups now. I have learned a lot in areas that interest me. Personal stuff not so much. After the election of 2016 it went downhill fast. I avoid all the feuding and personal opinions as much as possible.

    1. I just had two people going at it in the com box - one deleted his arguments, the other kept defending - all about racism and Nazis after Charlottesville. I removed the post. The partisans are going crazy with the story and calling out one another. I don't think people think very deeply any longer, especially about what they say online. One guy called the other a liar for posting a news story, when the correct thing to do is to challenge the veracity of the news report or to say, 'that story is not true, and here's why.'

  5. I agree with you Terry. It is so easy to present shallow stupid arguments on line. I am sorry to say I have been guilty too. The need to be right supersedes the need to be a rational Christian adult. I have noticed one thing about myself. As I increase my time in prayer (still relatively very little) I am less likely to be ego driven and more likely to be tolerant of others. It does not come naturally. It is through grace and grace alone.


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