Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A garden shed.

The garden shed de Foucauld lived in
at the Poor Clares in Nazareth.

The life of Nazareth can be followed anywhere; follow it in the place where it is most helpful to your neighbors. - Charles de Foucauld


  1. i bet you've been taking out to the shed once or twice! lol

  2. With the possibility of "fire being met with fire" I would seek refuge in a garden shed as long as it was protected on all four sides by St. Michael's shield.

    Now, in more pleasant moments, a garden shed that opened up to a field of flowers, with gentle swaying trees and the song of birds would suit me fine as long as I had a plate of chilled grapes, cheese, crackers and a chilled bottle of Golden Jubilee.

    Just being silly on a hot but lovely Wednesday evening in So Cal. ­čść

    1. What time can I come by?! :)


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