Saturday, August 12, 2017

Just because it's funny and nuts and people take him seriously. Seriously.

Fr. Z's Peace Plan...

So, what to do about North Korea?
Since this blog is probably being monitored by teams from about 17 national security agencies, here’s my idea! 
  • Make a deal with China: they annex NOKO.
  • Convince Seoul to agree or at least shut up about it.
  • Give China money to feed the NOKOs for 2-3 years.
  • China allows US and South Korea to invest in economic and commercial infrastructure in China’s new province/protectorate.
  • Result: China gets buffer state it can control (better than it can now), the West get’s a place to invest, and the world is rid of a threat.
So, fellas, kick the idea upstairs and see what happens.  This might be better than death and destruction. 
And to the teams from the agencies, who probably also watch me through my phone, as I’ve said before, if you send me your addresses, I’ll send you some pizzas!  Deal? - Fr. Z

Just don't look at the flash and you'll be fine. 


  1. so....its wrong for Pope Francis to meddle in political affairs....

    But it's OK for Fr Z?


    Stay on your own side of the Altar railing!

  2. The double standard ... pretty standard these days much like the other doozy that wags its finger when one accuses another of judging others.

    "Let he who does not judge cast the first stone."


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