Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to avoid martyrdom. Git a gun!

"Live each day as if you were to die a martyr." - B. Charles de Foucauld
If this priest only had the foresight to carry a gun, huh?

Conceal and Carry Advice for Priests ...
Keep your head on a swivel. Practice good situational awareness. 
I believe that we will soon see an increase in threats and violent attacks on church property and on priests and, God forbid, even congregations. The rise of violent Islam, militant homosexualists, and idiotic young anarchists must be a concern for which we should plan. - Fr. Z
Don't forget: Say the black, do the red.

Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.
"Man up, people. These things can’t happen unless the bystanders are sheeple."
- Comment on Fr. Z's post

Conformed to the image of Christ crucified, 
the same posture as at the Eucharistic prayer.
"Father, as a former police officer of 22 years, 
I would suggest quietly encouraging 
CCL holders in the parish to come armed to Mass, 
sit near the entrances at the end of the pews, 
and remain aware of their surroundings."
- Comment on Fr. Z's post

Fr. Pro collapses, crying out,
'Viva Cristo Rey!'

St. Toribio Romo Gonzalez, pray for us.
Fr. Toribio felt fear in the face of death,
yet he did not prevent it,
and died a martyr.

In closing I would just like to add something from Archbishop Aquila from his exhortation to newly ordained priests in his diocese.
Archbishop Samuel Aquila reminded them the priesthood is a gift. 
“It is not something you merit, it is not something that you work for, but rather it is a gift that is bestowed upon you,” Archbishop Aquila told the five seminarians during their priestly ordination Mass May 16. “It is precisely in the total gift of self that you are called to lay down your life as Christ has laid down his life. - source


+For those readers who would like to ban immigrants and refugees, even religious refugees, here's a photo to ponder...

Some of the first religious refugees arrive in New York 
the day the Calles Law takes effect.
Carmelites among them.
August 1, 1926 


  1. I don't always agree with Fr. Z. But I do agree on this one. Priests have a right and duty to defend themselves. If that doesn't work, then they accept sister death with joy. It's not either/or, but both/and. Priests must both defend themselves, and when death comes accept it with joy.

  2. no priest should carry a gun - ever.

    the only weapon a priest has are tears and prayers.

    read St Thomas on Article 4. Whether it is lawful for clerics to kill evil-doers?

  3. Fr. Z is a convert - maybe he doesn't understand Catholic Martyrdom

  4. I'm with dxv here.

    I simply cannot picture Blessed Miguel Pro, Saint John Fisher, St. John Paul, etc. packing heat while celebrating Mass or bringing the Sacraments to their people. Or at any other time, either. Can you conceive of St. Teresa of Calcutta being armed with even mace, much less a gun, when she ministered to the poor under extremely dangerous conditions for a woman?

    Remember, "Be not afraid". Remember Jesus healing the slave's ear when St. Peter whacked it off on Holy Thursday.

    I think we, and our holy priests, can do no better than to follow the examples of Jesus and His noble saints.

    Peace, and God's blessing and protection to all here - Susan, ofs

    1. Well said, Susan and dxv. Amen!

  5. For once I am in agreement with Fr. Zzzz. I suspect most of this is his patented faux machismo (again) but everyone should be able to not only defend themselves...but more importantly in a priests case, others. If your a good shot you don't need to kill anyone to stop them.

    Catholic Martyrdom doesn't mean you need to be a victim.

  6. The Roman Martyrology would look pretty empty if all those un-American, benighted Early Church Doofuses would have carried guns. St Lawrence should be renamed Larry Liberal for not slicing his foes with his gunblade instead of letting them BBQ him....

    Yes, this is Z's juvenile Americanism at its best. He really should re-read those Passion accounts, me thinks... =)

  7. I know lots of very holy priests who carry guns for self defense. The church does not forbid it. Why are you all judging priests who choose to protect themselves? Who are you to judge?

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