Friday, August 11, 2017

The feast of Santa Chiara d'Assisi

Holy Lady Clare,
most beautiful among women.

Help me.
Help me to 
know anew ...

How does your lover differ from any other lover,
Oh, most beautiful among women?

Where has your lover gone,
most beautiful among women?
Where has your lover withdrawn
that we
may seek him with you?

Oh St. Clare,
Santa Chiara,
most beautiful among women,
come to my aid...
awaken my early love!

Tell him I sicken,
and die.

Pray for me.
Pray for us...
Remember me.

Remember when ...

this day of graces,
overflowing torrents ...

pick for me 
which give forth fragrance,
to awaken love
and devotion,
strong as death.

St. Clare,
pray for me,
pray for us...
obtain for us


Hail Mary,
full or grace!
The Lord is
with you.
Blessed are you
among women!
Blessed is the fruit
of your womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us
and at the hour
of our death.

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