Friday, February 24, 2017


O Maternal Refuge, Queen of the universe, 
Mediatrix of men to God, 
Refuge of all our hopes, 
have mercy on us. 

I clicked on Pewsitter tonight - just a few minutes ago in fact ...

It was hacked.  Something said something about dark-net take-over or something like that, with a video, but I clicked off asap.  Tried one other time after Google-ing the site - same thing happened.

The witches seem to be out early.  I didn't think anything was supposed to happen until Midnight - according to this site here.  It might just be a Carnaval prank too.

O Mary, conceived without sin - pray for us who have recourse to thee!  
O Mary!  Most holy and immaculate virginity!  
Pray for us who have recourse to thee, and for those who do not 
- especially the enemies of the Church, and those recommended to thee.


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  2. "The witches seem to be out early"

    Apparently so. It is reported they are casting a binding spell on President Trump and his administration so that he and company can fall and fail.

    Like Papa Francis has warned us all, when one engages the devil, one is asking for trouble. The prayer these witches are praying was too creepy to continue reading.

    I am going to be praying for the POTUS that he and his administration be protected. If it was Hilary, I would do the same since I do not demonic harassment upon anyone. It is a very scary experience if one is not strong in their faith.

  3. Does this mean Pewsitter is gone for good? That can only be a good thing. They can't spread their lies and dissension anymore.

  4. That's actually pretty scary, Ter. Good grief!


  6. They are back up today.


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