Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fake News ... Mexico has a wall on the Guatemala border.

Okay.  So here's the deal ...

I was watching local news this morning and Janet Beihoffer, Minnesota, National Republican Chairwoman, and adjunct professor at Metropolitan State University, stated in an interview that Mexico has a border wall with Guatemala - so what is so bad about building a wall?


Listen, there is no border wall between Mexico and Guatemala.  In fact, many of the online photos purporting to be the Mexican wall are in fact Israeli walls and fences.

Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala is notoriously porous...
There is no wall along the Mexico-Guatemala border. Most of that frontier consists of rain forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, or other natural barriers, and few of the sections passable by foot or automobile include any walls or fences. - Source

Look Janet, see.

See who's spouting fake news.

Run Janet, run.


  1. "Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala is notoriously porous."

    Fake news? As far as a wall goes yeah, but I remember watching a documentary on PBS years ago about the poor folks who were fleeing the violence of the Sandinista/government wars. It reported that those who were caught crossing into Mexico without any papers/passports were detained by the Mexican border patrol/military and were sent off to prison or were never heard from again.

    We have friends who are from Nicaragua and they have told us quite a few scary stories about the way people from Central America are treated by the Mexican border patrol.
    One friend told us they are cruel, demand bribes, will accuse of a crime if you're not careful and if they want, take your papers away and toss you in jail.

    I think I will have to revisit that bit of old news as I am pretty sure it still goes on but since it's all the rage these days to trash the Trump administration, no one is gonna say s...t about Mexico's own notorious crimes when it comes to the treatment of folks trying to cross their borders illegally.

    Virgencita de Guadalupe, querido San Jose, please pray for all who suffer injustices the world over.

    My Lady, to you I entrust all refugees the world over. Be their shelter from the storm. Place them all under your holy mantle.

    San Jose, to you I continue to entrust Papa Francis and President Trump. May God's holy will be done in their lives. May we too seek your wisdom and your grace.


  2. Many of my gender and ethnicity assume the South American countries are corrupt and brutal to their people. It gets reported but not enough. What perplexes me is the attitude "so what else is new." It is them not us. Although if you believe him we are killers too. Personal Trump in the WH has been nothing but good news for me. Stocks flying up, my friends and some family so happy. Ecstatic really. I really hope and yes am praying it is all nothing. But that put aside I could never be friends with that man. Not thathewould look twice at me either.

  3. Also, even if there were a wall, even if the border patrols in Mexico are that bad... so what?

    1. My only thing with this story is that it's based on fake news - something Trump rails against claiming the media - free press - is the enemy of the American people. The Republican Chairwoman would have been well acquainted Mexican wall story as it was used in the 2016 Campaign on social media. Call it 'alternative facts' if you like.

    2. Tower of Babel raging and engaging in fake news, alternative facts, spin - out of control, lies, betrayals, smears, jeers, all sorts of who knows what ... so what?

      I got bills to pay

      Prayers to say

      A mother to look after

      Dear Lord! Help us all!

      Clamor! So much clamor.

      Enjoy President's Day everyone. Tootles!

  4. I'm sure I'm wrong about everything I say. Not to worry. I see America great again. Oh! I see it! Oh! Oh! I truly see it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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    2. Yaya beat me to theTower of Babel analogy. I came onto make that. Comment. Really. I am friends with a grade school classmate on Facebook. After 50 yrs we worked on our graduation reunion. A good person, college educated, retired Am. History teacher. This person regularly retweets vids purporting to be Muslims violently attacking white Europeans. It takes only a google search to discover they are all fake. The vids are from other events like soccer hooligans acting out or other such things. It makes no difference. It supports that persons fears. Denial, deliberate falsification? I have no idea. Went to a choral concert today. I mention that here because the finale was a sing along to our national anthem. I nearly cried it was so touching. We sang all three verses. Did you know there are two more beautiful verses? I did not. How could it be I have never heard them before? I looked around me and saw 2 thousand people in heartfelt song. This is the America I know and love. The babbling is not.

  5. So they have no reason to criticize us for returning their citizens to them if they're not here legally.


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