Monday, February 20, 2017

He's Back: Drain the Clerical Swamp

Voris: Last week, in Friday's Vortex, we asked the question directly to Fr. James Martin: 
Do you identify as a homosexual? Yes or no?

It must be sweeps week for Catholic media.


  1. Why would such a question be asked? Does he hope to gain something from it? Catholic blackmail live? Ruin Father Martin's reputation by triumphantly going on to maybe exclaim, "a hypocritical priest!"

    Meh, to be honest, even if Father Martin was thrown out of the closet, if he was so inclined but never acted on it and instead chose Christ, I support him. If he wax active and living a lie, Mr. V still has no business exposing him.

    Is this some kind of payback after all the rumors that were swirling last year before Mr. V outed himself?

    My attitude stinks right now cause all I'm thinking is, "who cares, who am I to judge, not the end of the world."

    Sad ... does he not have anything better to do ... oh, I don't know how about he rally his CM troops and the rest of us to pray our rosaries daily for a month or sit with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament to pray for the conversion and salvation of the world?

    If he rose to the occasion, why even I would cut him some slack and grant him a bit credibility.

    1. Yaya, the word is was not wax. 😆

  2. If he's celibate, I don't care who he isn't having sex with. If he isn't celibate then he needs to change his ways.

  3. It's nobody's business what someone's orientation is and sounds like Voris is looking for justification for himself; how ironic. I'm with Yaya & Nan.

    1. Where? Are you here? Are you guys at Starbuck's? I'm sick - nearly delirious.
      I hope it is just a cold.

  4. If he was gay he would have said something - he's often suggested it would be helpful if priests who are same sex attracted came out. He would have been the first to do so, I'm sure - if he was. I disagree with all of that, but I respect Fr. Martin and recognize he has a wonderful outreach to persons who would otherwise not be interested in Catholicism. I love Jesuits and I love Fr. Martin - so Voris' little report is disgusting - to use Trump's expression.


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