Saturday, February 25, 2017

Crackpots Online

Taketh the booze outta the Fruit-a-man
Ye still a have a Fruit-a-cake.

Don't believe me?

Read the com-boxes and blogs of ... me, or anybody else ... or, try this one here: "Things are getting ugly, very fast".

Paging Ann Barnhardt! Paging Ann Barnhardt!


  1. Pope Francis is problematic. Kim Jun Un is problematic. Trump is problematic. All simultaneously at one time in history. It's amazing that the mannerist school of art has not returned because A. it began due to unsettling changes and B. vegetables are trending. In Lent consider kale raw which is like a hairshirt for the mouth but has more lutein and vitamin k than you'll need....steamed for seven minutes, it's anti chloresterol ability is maximized.

    1. I will try that.

      I will also try to remember not to post or read Catholic social media when I'm sick. LOL!


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