Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Mike Pence Dance Party

A big ‘queer dance party’ was thrown outside the Washington home of Vice President-elect Mike Pence to protest his stance on LGBT rights. - Source

I do not want to offend anyone, nor do I want to cast aspersions here, but when I came across this story, I thought of the passage in Genesis about the inhabitants of Sodom, demanding their way (with the visitors) outside the house of Lot. 

Last week, LGBTQ activists demanded Jennifer Holliday refuse to sing at the Trump Inaugural.  Ms. Holliday is not a political person but an entertainer - LGBTQ demanded she withdraw.  That was unfair and an example of LGBTQ bullying.  (Black people against Trump also pressured her, but I think Jennifer was most concerned about the LGBTQ lobby, because gay people have long been her fan base and she may have felt obliged.)

I'm not sure what rights gays are afraid of losing?  Ms. Hudson was told, "It's not just about marriage."  So what is it about?  Are there special rights just for LGBTQ people?  I know Pence was in favor of so-called 'conversion therapy' but there is no way it would become a law that people must go through conversion or reparative therapy, regardless if they are unhappy with their sexual and affective orientation, or not.  People have a right to choose to seek help if they desire to do so.  I know the background on the issues, and I think LGBTQ groups are wrong.  They protest too much.

Yesterday, the guy who cuts my hair was talking 'concentration camps' and mandatory reprogramming-rehab centers for gays - because of Trump.  He wasn't kidding.  It was like being in that Esurance over-sharer commercial with Beatrice - I just responded with crazy remarks.  It's the only way I know to avoid getting into a serious discussion.  

I walked out of the shop thinking, 'What if we are all nuts?'


  1. The Church teaches that sin darkens the intellect. In other words, sin makes you stupid. Those who adopt the philosophy of liberalism lose the ability to think critically. You have to be truly delusional to think Trump is going to start rounding people up and putting them in camps. Really! Between the babies crying over chalk on the sidewalk and the idiot who set himself on fire outside Trump's D.C. hotel, I'm felling like Alice down the rabbit hole. The idiot fire starter started screaming "Ow, it's hot," before he dropped to the ground and put himself out. What a "flaming" idiot. I'm going to a bee meeting tonight and it will be refreshing to be with normal people.

    1. I agree with everything you say. The pro-abortion/lgbtq msm is no help. Since Shrillary lost, they have been on a rampage to smear PE Trump and anything he says/does. Granted, I may not agree with everything he says/does but he speaks reason despite what others may say about him.
      If the intolerant left ever regains power, we can be sure of one thing, the truth will be suppressed and the freedom to disagree, the free to oppose same sex unions, freedom to gun ownership, abortion, religious freedom ... all of those freedoms we take for granted will be further stripped from us.
      I just smh every time I read the news about how the left truly is intolerant towards those who oppose them.

      Let's keep praying for America, her citizens and our government.

  2. Your post heading sounds like its as SCTV skit..I can just see Edith Prickly, Lola Heatherton ("Mikey Pence..I want to have your BABY!") Dusty Towne, Dr. Tounge...("Michael Pence you are such a pretty, pretty man...I have a whole house of stewardesses if you would like to join me at my little hideyhole...") Tex and Edna boil all rocking down with their host Mike Pence..grooving to the sounds of the Neat Guys (Pence would love em!) and their rendition of "Let's Have a Party in My Rec Room! )

    God I miss that show!

    Anyway, I think Pence is a goofball but all I could think watching the dance party was..."Your NOT helping!" Oh well, they would consider me a suburban sell out and my dancing is similar to Elaine's from Seinfeld so...But, there are worse ways to demonstrate then a goofy dance party...(looting and burning..etc) and the only people who got hurt were the neighbor's ear drums from the Gay Bass Beats...over and over and over...

    1. I love dancing so at least these dancing protesters kept it cool and just wiggled their behinds the night away.

    2. Mack - I love SCTV. In fact I was going to suggest Dusty Towne for the Inaugural Party.

  3. I bet it was fun though!


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