Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Hold onto the rope, and endure." - P. Francis

St. Anthony of Egypt.

Narrative here.

Anthony is often depicted in his temptations - especially by more or less secular artists.  I often think of what Christ said, 'what did you go out to the desert to see?'.  Anthony went out to the desert and their confronted demons, and himself ... that is, fallen human nature.  Fallen human nature, perhaps scarier than demons.


  1. In times like these I remember St. Paul's call to an endurance that is supernatural ...

    "Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, preserve in prayer."

    I don't always understand why we are in this vale of tears, but when I am, St. Paul's words give me hope.

  2. Terry,

    I watched the video where Papa is talking about clinging to that rope of hope. I loved the gestures he makes as he demonstrates that while we are clinging onto that rope, we should do so with our eyes on heaven.


    1. One more thing ... I love St. Anthony's face in this piece of art. I have been looking at his face off and on all day and I see tears, yes, but born of patience. I sense a sweetness and a tenderness in his face, these two being for his Lord, who holds him up while he endures his affliction.

      St. Anthony, pray for those of us who struggle with hope, trust, patience. Pray for us to regard our Lord Jesus Christ with the same patience, trust and tenderness. To seek his sweetness so as to live in faithful expectation for our own deliverance from evil.


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  4. I don't know a lot about the artist - but I know he was an atheist and simply identified with Christ as a victim. I found this piece fascinating.


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