Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bad Habits: New design for the Dominicans

I don't mind habits for enclosed religious or as choir dress ... but ...

I could never be a religious or priest because I don't like the clothes - I've always said that.  I used to ask my friend in the novitiate if the habit made me look fat - and I was anorexic.  (No one knew that at the time.)  I'm so vain.  So I'm not one to critique habits.  My problem with white tunics is that you can kind of sort of see through them - so a scapular helps - and for that reason I can say, 'looks good!'

All kidding aside - it's none of my business what religious wear - except some 'habits' really were dumb - precisely because, in the cases of women religious, they wore the current fashion for widow's weeds, their coifs were starched according to local custom, and so on.  Traditional men's habits were monastic or clerical - although fashionable updates were made and as fashion changed - they looked dated and ridiculous.  So much could be said ... but I digress.

Confrater Claes go to choir now.

It now looks as if one design firm hopes to revive the tradition of the dumb-fashion-victim habit for the 21st century.
Dutch clothing brand Byborre has collaborated with the Dominican Order of Preachers to create an updated unisex version of the friar's habit. The New Habit capsule collection consists of several unisex garments, including tops, track trousers, tunics, hooded gilets and coats. - Read more here.

I like my designs better...

"Got a match?"

I remember when I was fooling around with these ideas, and a friend asked me if I was nuts.  LOL!  Maybe a little bit.

All I have to say is this, just wear men's clothes brothers - black and white around the collar - and women should always have a little (or plus size) black dress.  Stick with the classics.

Like I said - it's none of my business.  But it seems to me the problem isn't so much the habit, but the fact 'they' just don't want to be obligated to wear one - so no matter how you redesign it, it's never going to work for those who 'don't like the clothes'.  Of course, then you have the problem of those who like them a little too much ...


I obviously enjoy posting about this subject - more here.

I suppose this could work too.


  1. I read the full article on the "new habit" and reason given for it was to help religious "fit in", "not stand out" in contemporary culture. Excuse me Mr Designer but....they stand out WAY less in the trad OP threads!!

  2. Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! I like the traditional garb of the Dominicans and refuse to see it changed just so they "fit in." I am almost certain this is, was, will be a troll post.

    Those holy Dominicans are not of this world ... they live heaven on earth and are here to see that we common folk get there too!

    Saint Dominic pray for us!

    1. I like their traditional habit myself - I just think they need heavier fabric. Wish I had that Sonnen photo of a Dominican crossing the street in Rome.

  3. I don't know about that kilt. Duns Scotus was a Franciscan.

  4. Trust me, Dominicans aren't interested. This is just crazy. And such a stupid project announced as the order is closing our jubilee is distracting from the order's mission to preach the Gospels for the salvation of souls. We love our habit.

    1. I love your habit as well - I hope you weren't offended by my silly post. Pray for me, please! Thank you, and thanks be to God for the 8th Centenary of Dominican life. Best wishes on the jubilee.


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