Friday, August 05, 2016

Fr. Z's fashion tips ...

Pacelli in mink.

Looks like Fr. Z's 'stole fees' may be going up....

"I think the only stoles that a woman should ever wear are mink."  - Fr. Z 

Concerned about new committee appointments by Pope Francis to study the question of women deacons, Fr. Z conceded that he is quite busy "digging around for insights into other members."

Great use of time.

Is that a Mustela erminea lined cappa?


  1. The old cathedrals were not heated and polar fleece hadn't been invented - mink is the natural solution to stay warm!

  2. Fashion tips, hat envy, telling everyone the PRECISE way of doing things, boasting about all the mucky mucks "he personally knows" loves the finer things in life like food and wine (and loves it even more using other people's money for it).

    As the kids would say, "Dude is SO gay!"

  3. Reading many of the Catholic blogs I think this is just the Church so many yearn for us to return to. It is the monarchy bug that loves luxury, big rectories, big cars, fine whisky and fine cigars. We still have more then a few of these men living off our dollar. But these were the days of unquestioned authority, clear theology and the priest facing away from the congregation. I have to admit the Churches were full but the laities understanding of what was going on was minimal. Wonder what the Church would look like today if nothing had changed?


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