Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Homosexualized Stations of the Cross at WYD ... Oh my!

"Now what could be more wholesome or natural?" - M. Dennis

A friend sent me the story this morning asking me what I thought.

First of all, I didn't know it was a story.  Second, I'm not really into 'dance' except for Raves with my cat and we just go nuts - we both love techno, dance-trance, but I digress.

Song for this post here.

So anyway ...

I don't know.  It's Europe - it's Poland - it's art.  Who cares?

As I told my friend who sent me the story:  As regards the performance, even if it was 'gay' - the critics are saying it in a bad way - like, 'that's so gay' - know what I mean? What if the dancers were Courage members and really just 'SSA'?

My point being - what if the men were simply professional dancers, what if dance is their art form, their career?  Dancers - classical and modern are usually in great physical shape, and they wear form fitted clothing - since modern dance is very much about how the body moves, grace and beauty, in other words, 'body works'?  Not my taste - but give me a break.  Stop the video for a salacious screen shot and behold ...

One comment on the site condemning the Stations performance made me laugh:
"St Peter Damian, pray that we be delivered of spandex covered bulges."

I hope she doesn't watch the Olympics when they air - there will be a lot of body works at the events.  Watch out for the Speedos on the swimmers and divers, and OMGOSH! - those tights on the gymnasts.   Oh! Oh! Don't watch the extremely homosexualized Greco-Roman wrestlers either.

Seriously folks, there are bigger things to worry about.  Like 'ad orientem' - just turn East - and see ISIS coming.

Homosexualized Circus performers for Pope Benedict?


  1. It's so stupid, the pearl-clutching & gasping. Not my taste either and I don't see how it relates to the Stations but whatever.

    1. The Tenth Station - Stripped of his garments.

    2. The imagination runs wild when one has so much wasted time on their hands. I remember when a circus group came to the Vatican about two years ago with tight wearing spandex tightrope walker types, Papa Francis and company applauded them and the YT crowd that trolls him (proclaiming to be devout and orthodox Catholics) went nuts. They called him all sorts of names ... claimed he was pushing the homosexualists agenda, destroying the Church ... blah, blah, ad nauseum.

      Anyway, amusing read. Funny too.


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