Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Bad language online...

This is nothing compared to today.

Austin Ruse has an excellent post "Catholics Who Drop F-Bombs with Aplomb".

I've written about this vulgar habit before, in my award winning post The Dirty Low-Down: The F-Word Online and Other Vulgarities,  Nevertheless, I left the following comment on Mr. Ruse's essay:

Thanks for this post. I hate the 'f' word. Little kids use it - which means the parent(s) use it. Adults know exactly what it means, and kids learn the etymology very quickly - because it can be used in sexual relations. It's a vicious word, a revolting word. Which is often why it is used in the most unrelated context, such as - 'you're so effing cute' - degrading and corrupting even the most innocent compliment. It is used more graphically by those hardened by vice - using such terms as 'mother ------' and so on. It's use by well educated, intelligent persons suggests to me it is not quite so much about a limited vocabulary as it is about moral permissiveness and a lack of virtue and respect for the dignity of persons.

It's pretty much why I had to stop reading women's blogs.  So many seem to be authored by the type of woman one might meet in a bowling alley or roadside bar ... 


I understand you're having problems with an obscene phone caller?
Now what exactly does this sick individual say to you?


    1. What was once the domain of the male locker room, male dorm and all male groups escaped those confines in the name of equality. Woman and children could be as gross, rude and foul mouthed as men. Too bad because it reduced the shock value of it. After Freshman year in an all male dorm I picked up the habit like a veteran sailor. Going home that summer was difficult and took a great effort to just not continue with the potty mouth. My parents would not have been beyond using soap on their 17 year old and I knew it. I am proud to say I never used around my children and cringe when I hear in mixed company. I think I developed a better vocabulary as a result.

    2. I work in a professional office (engineers, etc.) and I hear it every day from men, women, management, admin. It's DISGUSTING and I hate it. I hate tolerating it and feel like a sell out but I'm too young to retire and not independently wealthy enough to quit. I can not wait to retire!

    3. I have four brothers and they use that word often. It irritates me as it offends me. If they use it in front of my elderly mother, I have to ask them to stop but if they are arguing with each other ... they don't care. Not often this happens but when it does it is offensive and disrespectful.

      I'm considered out of touch/fashion 'cause everybody does it.'

      I don't care.

      Good reply btw, Terry.

    4. Scandalous! You should thank your lucky stars that you never encountered blogs by dance hall girls!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. What? I hope this doesn't mean you have stopped reading my blog!! You will never run into me in a bowling alley or a bar!! At least not in a bar in Minnesota.....

      1. Haha! That would be the day when you ever resorted to vulgar language - and of course I still read your blogs. Thanks for looking in on me.


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