Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Little Way of Donald Trump: Special gifts for Catholics for Trump ...

Available downstairs at Tiffany's
Starting at $1200 

Sacrifice Beads

As a child, Mr. Trump was given a string of beads with 
which to count his sacrifices and other acts of show. 
In that way he was able to advance in self-esteem daily
 by conscious effort to eliminate competition with peers 
and to acquire great pride in his accomplishments. 

Genuine natural pearl Sacrifice Beads mimic the Donald's little string. 
Simply pull a bead each time you make an act of love for Mr. Trump 
or an act of sacrifice for love of self!  
Makes a perfect gift for first, second, or third wives, paramours, 
call girls, female employees or even sexy daughters.

"I've made a lot of sacrifices."

Order your Sacrifice Beads now!

Count up your sacrifices just like Donald Trump does,
or just sacrifice your integrity for him.


  1. Hehe. Little Way of Donald Trump. You make me laugh.

    "Listen. I'm a very, very spiritual person. More spiritual than you could know. I have a way. A very, very excellent way. I call it the Yuuuge Way. In my Yuuuge Way there are no ordinary things. None. You ever use a toilet lined with 24k gold? It's yuuugely spiritual and not ordinary. My way is never ordinary. Trust me on this people."

  2. I'm having so much difficulty with this election - I have trouble even finding things to laugh about.

    1. Me too. I was reading today about how Le Donald is saying the election is going to be rigged and the stock market is going to crash. Either could be true for all I know. Nonetheless, I'm spooked that we are collectively to the point where a major party has nominated someone who talks like this. Maybe this is just a movie trope, but you know how horses get all crazy and stampy before a storm? That's how I feel about about the election.

    2. Our beloved America gets what she deserves in times like this. I mean really ... no one cares as long as their belly is full, their cable bill is paid for and the trash is picked up and no bombs are tossed our way ... at least not yet.

  3. You could always get your revenge on H I'm and pantsuited grandma and pray for them.

  4. I have no qualms voting for Trump. Lesser of 2 evils in my book.

    1. Good for you Dottie!

    2. Lesser of two evils is still evil.

  5. Four years of Trump drama. No thanks. I still say he wants the accolades, pomp and circumstance but not the hard work. Who lies about getting a letter from the NFL? Trump does. He lives in an alternative universe. It is a dark place.


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