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"A quien tiene una desviación sexual, la Iglesia quiere ayudarle a controlarla, no a entregarse a ella"

Works for me.

"A quien tiene una desviación sexual, la Iglesia quiere ayudarle a controlarla, no a entregarse a ella"
"entregarse": to surrender, to give in, to devote oneself
"Whoever has sexual deviation, the Church wants to help you control it , not to surrender to it." - Mexican Bishops

It totally works for me.

How does the Church help control it?  The sacraments; confession, communion, spiritual direction and support.  Just exactly like it does for everyone else.  The Church needs to reaffirm that - straight forwardly.  "Let your yes be yes, your no, no - anything else is from the evil one."  Remember our Lord told us that - there can be no deviation.  What's from the evil one?  Remember what Pope Francis just said to the Polish Bishops about gender theory, quoting Pope Benedict: ‘It's the epoch of sin against God the Creator.’  Homosexual sex apes (heterosexual) natural sex - it derogates it... it deviates from it.  'In the beginning it was not so.' (Matthew 19:8).

Excerpts from the original article (Google translate):

It is said that the Church discriminates against homosexuals, which is false.
In the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual relations "can not be approved" (CEC 2357), but it also teaches that homosexuals "must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination should be avoided." (CEC 2358)
Expected of them asks the same as single, divorced or widowed: living in continence, chastity (see CEC 2359). And do not bother asking for it to benefit them . He does not want to be used as mere objects of pleasure, but their inestimable dignity of children of the heavenly Father is respected.
The identity of a human being can not be your sexual appetite. It is , above all, the son of God, has gifts, qualities, is a member of a family, a society. Identified only by his sexual inclination, allowing you define it, it is limited.
The Church believes that sex is an expression of love between a man and a woman, who give each other completely. Such delivery must be sustained by God, who gives spouses the grace to love as He loves them , be faithful and stay together until death do us part.
Marriage within the true fullness reaches sexual relationship, which sanctifies the spouses in a mutual self - giving open to life.
Out of Wedlock intercourse satisfying moment but leaves a spiritual void.
Many gay believers who marry end up turning away from God. Like Adam and Eve, knowing sin, they hide from their Lord, jeopardize their salvation.
Thus the Church, looking with compassionate understanding all homosexuals, cares for them and urges them to strive to live in continence and chastity, strengthened by the sacramental help.
When Pope Francis said, "If a gay person approaches God and has good will, who am I to criticize" was not endorsing homosexual relationship, but inviting homosexuals to come closer to God and experience the joy and peace to remold his life to the divine will.  - source
Like I said, works for me.

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  1. Works for me too, Terry. May we all take notice and pray for one another to heed the call of Mercy.


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