Monday, July 11, 2016

Lundi Tunes - A "New" Abbey-Roads Crackpot News Feature ...

Some people online take themselves way too seriously ...

Now for a couple of Lundi Tunes.

I tend to wear “sharp” outfits.

I always stand out in Trad parishes in North America because I tend to wear “sharp” outfits, heels, make-up, and I wear my veil in the European “bridal” way – swept back behind my shoulders – or I wear a sharp hat to cover my head. - Ann Barnhardt -Source

“confirmed bachelors”

I am starting to hear more about these sorts of concerns in North America. I have received more than one email from concerned mothers of children in trad parishes who simply do not feel comfortable leaving their sons alone with the “choir director” or “altar server organizer” – always “confirmed bachelors” who, let’s be honest, lay the needle on the old gaydar on the peg and then break the spring. - Yep - Ann Barnhardt

And just when you thought you might be okay ...


Tell Barnhardt that.

 I'll stick to the Benedictine solution instead.


Song for this post here.


  1. Lol Terry! Nice! I will definitely love this edition to my Monday's!

  2. I have a better song for Sharp Dressed Ann......

  3. So what's wrong with our local FSSP parish? I'm told that some women wear hats. I even talked to a visitor. She wore pants!

    1. Terry you are the boss, including my two favorite "Eccentric" Catholic Bloggers in one post and introduced me to a new fave blog. I think poor Ann was rejected by her best gay bud..."Guurrl, put down that pink gun..I am NOT going to marry you!" But I can respect her (well, not the right word to use..) as she is just all out on her gay"love in correction" for this gal! I would rather see someone coming with a pink gun then someone hugging me and then stab in the back..and lets face unChrist like as it is..nutballs are fun as long as they stay on the internet and..not move next door.

      Though I find this hilarious and somehow closer to reality then I would expect from our Ann:

      " Hyper-criticality, haughtily luxuriating in running down everything – music, ceremonies, vestments, flowers, architecture, regardless of the financial or personnel resources of the parish.
      Every Mass is “yet another abomination”, the choir is “grotesque”, the servers are “retarded”, vestments are “rags”. Often, the objectively better the liturgy is, the more vicious the criticism will become, because the liturgical fetishist derives intense narcissistic satisfaction from criticizing things that are actually very good – thus proving how vastly superior they believe themselves to be"

      She had done her time in gay bars I can tell!


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