Thursday, June 09, 2016

Tunnel Talk News: Remember it is the St. Gotthard Base Tunnel

Shrine to St. Barbara

FYI for the superstitious New World Order conspiracy theorists ...

A Catholic priest blessed the tunnel along with religious leaders of other religions.

Father Martin Werlen

A permanent shrine to St. Barbara, patroness of miners and tunnelers is positioned inside the tunnel.

Do remember Gotthard is a saint.
And as Christians, we know Christ rose victorious over the devil.

Oh - and don't forget the devil has a bridge there.

Just one of many legends ...
The bridges that fall into the Devil's Bridge category are so numerous that the legends about them form a special category ...
One version of the tale presents the bridge builder and the Devil as adversaries. This reflects the fact that frequently, such as in the case of the Teufelsbrücke at the St Gotthard Pass, these bridges were built under such challenging conditions that successful completion of the bridge required a heroic effort on the part of the builders and the community, ensuring its legendary status.
Other versions of the legend feature an old lady or a simple herder who makes a pact with the Devil. In this version the devil agrees to build the bridge, and in return he will receive the first soul to cross it. After building the bridge (often overnight) the devil is outwitted by his adversary, for example by throwing bread to lure a dog over the bridge first, and is last seen descending into the water, bringing peace to the community. In the case of the Steinerne Brücke in Regensburg, the legend speaks of the devil helping in a race between the builders of the bridge and of the cathedral (in fact a significantly later construction), and a slight bump in the middle of the bridge is said to result from the devil's leaping with rage upon being tricked out of his prize. - Source

Nota bene:  If you are really scared, please recall St. Teresa of Avila's remark about exaggerated concerns over the devil, she said, "I don't understand these fears. 'The devil! The devil!' when we can say 'God! God!', and make the devil tremble...I fear those who have such great fear of the devil more than I do the devil himself, for he can't do anything to me." - Life 25; 22. 

Works for me.



  1. My boss is from Dublin, and he served in the Irish Army Artillery Corps. He occasionally wears a tie tack with their insignia and patron, St. Barbara. He was very pleased when I could tell him her story and patronage.
    Maybe she could also be the patron of brownie points.

    1. I bet your boss loves you.


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