Sunday, June 05, 2016

Signs: Fr. Robert Altier

An announcement from the Church of St. Raphael:

We are pleased to announce that Archbishop Bernard Hebda has appointed Fr. Robert Altier as parochial vicar (also known as associate pastor) of the Church of St. Raphael, effective June 15, 2016. Fr. Altier was assigned to this parish once before, in 1989-90, shortly after he was ordained. He looks forward to being here once again. The parishioners and staff here also look forward to his return and his dedicated, faithful ministry. - Source
At the bottom of this image of Our Lady 
is the figure of St. Raphael.

H/T P. - The other reason for posting is someone inquired about an email address for Fr. Altier and I expect one may now be able to contact him at St. Raphael's.


  1. That poor priest just can't get a break! Exiled for years, waiting in the wind and taken in by a brother priest only to be sent to the fringes of the archdiocese to be pv and now back to pv albeit in a parish with mass in the Extraordinary form. I would guess people will find him now although it

  2. Does St. Raphael's celebrate Mass in the EF form? I didn't know that. Minneapolis/St. Paul has several churches that do so now. That's good. I didn't know Fr. Rudolph was there - I've always liked him. I think I'd prefer to be PV rather than pastor anyway. Always take the last place. Fr. A is very humble I think.

  3. I may be mistaken. Maybe it's the one in Crystal?

    There are so many priests benched due to bad behavior, accusations or getting pissed, picking up their marbles and going home, not to mention those with 2 ft assignments that it seems absurd for Fr Altier to be pv. He's an obedient son of the father so we'll never know what he thinks of the assignment.

  4. Yes - it is the one in Crystal. Now Nan - I don't think there are many priests benched for bad behavior. Some may just want to return to more lucrative careers and dating.

    One can't judge why some have more responsibilities than others. Archbishop Hebda is starting from scratch, as it were. It will take time.

  5. T.S. Eliot:
    "I am Lazarus, back from the dead, come back to tell you all..."

    I'm glad he's back and justice was done.

    1. I think he's a holy priest and I have to believe everything that has happened to him is for his holiness and God's glory.


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