Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Target rape-rooms ....

Sorry - I read raperoom used instead of restroom on a Catholic blog and laughed out loud.

I understand the concern.  I get the boycott.  I just doubt Target intended the restrooms to become raperooms.  Can you imagine how exciting that term is to sex maniacs?

Maybe the Muslims who work there can do something about it?  They have strict rules regarding men and women.

Either way - heads will roll.  (Just an expression.)  Target is a corporation - stocks are down because of the boycott - it will be fixed.


  1. I don't shop at Target but I do admire cats and here's all the more ...


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  3. The fruitcakes over at 1 Million Moms can say their latest "Boycott," (was this following the steps of the Once Upon A Time boycott where Little Red Riding gave Dorothy Gale a curse breaking kiss?) forced Targets stock down but there is no way to tie it...(plus the stock didn't plummet ...it took a dip, which stocks do of course...) Now the stock is rising...those Moms..all one million of them, have a short attention span...(maybe they are back to the lesbians on Once???)


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