Friday, May 06, 2016

Just a question about the Black Lives Matter Movement in Minneapolis ...

Where are you when there are blacks killing blacks?

Just last night a toddler was shot in the foot by a stray bullet which penetrated the walls of his family home.

Did BLM leaders read this weeks headlines from the Star-Tribune?

Police say gangs are behind North Side mass shooting that killed 1, wounded 7
Minneapolis police continue to investigate the latest outbreak of violence on the city’s North Side — an allegedly gang-related barrage of gunfire Wednesday evening that left a 20-year-old man dead and seven others injured, two of them fighting for their lives.
Detectives on Thursday were working several leads to solve the shooting near Newton and 16th avenues N., which was captured on camera and widely shared online.
“We will not tolerate this violence, not as a police department and not as a community,” Police Chief Janeé Harteau said in a statement. “We have good intelligence in this case, and we are aggressively going after those involved.” Star-Tribune

Maybe Black Lives Matter activists could actually help law enforcement stop the drug and gang traffic in North Minneapolis instead of stopping commuter traffic and commercial venue traffic.  And while they are at it - work on the abortion issue - a lot of black lives are lost there as well.


  1. I would like to see them get involved in the pro-life movement. There is a true genocide in the Black community. Here in NYC there are more unborn babies aborted than are born alive. Stand outside of an abortion clinic here in the city, and you will see that 90% of the women entering are African American.

    Nonetheless, I do still think this is a good movement, because there is true racism in our country, and African Americans are definitely targeted, as I see over and over again by the abortion industry and in so many other ways.

    1. I've always wanted to ask you if you know the Sisters of Life? Just got their magazine and they are celebrating their anniversary. I have a friend who entered shortly after their foundation and saw her photo. What a wonderful group of nuns!

  2. When I read stories like this one, then yes, black lives matter as do brown lives, white lives, yellow lives ... etc. Whatever, I do not look at the color of your skin but at your behavior.

    This is a blessing to read today.


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