Saturday, May 07, 2016

Jan Tyranowski

Jan Tyranowski
"St. John of the Cross and St. Therese of Lisieux were
not only his masters, they led him to discover himself, 
they explained and justified his own life." -Wojtyla

Heather King wrote about him in this month's Magnificat.

I mentioned him in a comment to a friend last week regarding 'lay-spiritual directors' - Tyranowski sort of played that role for Pope John Paul in his young life.

Heather describes him from JPII's writings in a way which impressed me that he was something of an eccentric, perhaps a misfit - a saintly misfit, no doubt.  St. John Paul said he was saintly, and it appears Tyranowski's cause for canonization is underway.  It makes me wonder about how many saints I may have met - people I thought were eccentric misfits, with little quirks - or big quirks - but who were holy and good.  And then there is me - weirder than the average bear, but not very saintly.


I like this from JPII on his friend everyone thought was so strange:

"Tyranowski was truly one of those unknown saints, hidden among others like a marvelous light at the bottom of life at a depth where night usually reigns." 
"The bottom of life ... where night usually reigns."

John Paul understood. 


  1. Glad you know of Heather King and her writing. You are kindred spirits; I was going to send a link of her to you. Looks like I won't need to.

    1. I think I have her in my links but I also check her regularly. Yes, she's incredible - I admire her very much.

  2. I was reading that this morning before Mass as well. She is very good.

  3. I am a fan as well! Heather has a gift of finding the sacred in the everyday as well as in people that have been overlooked or forgotten. Not surprised that some of your readers know her too, Terry. Thanks for sharing.


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