Sunday, May 01, 2016

St. Peter Martyr

St. Peter of Verona exorcising a possessed statue
of the Madonna and Child.

St. Catherine is now venerated on April 29, which used to be his feast day.

St. Peter is my special patron - my second middle name is Peter, and I have had a special devotion to him since I was very young.  I was always intrigued that he was martyred with an ax to the head, and finally stabbed to death as he began to write the Creed in his blood.  The fresco shown above is actually a new detail of his life I had not known before.

St. Peter was an inquisitor and exorcist and a great preacher, fighting against the Albigensian heresy.  Therefore it stands to reason the scene depicted here would have occurred.  I just never thought of religious objects, or devotional statues as being possessed.

One more reason to be guarded concerning reports of bleeding statues and weeping icons.

St. Peter elevates the Blessed Sacrament in the rite of exorcism - a good reminder to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who inspires and perfects our faith.

Remain united to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and close to Our Lady in the prayers of the rosary.

St. Peter of Verona, pray for us.

The Saint is credited with starting the Fascinator hat
trend British women so enjoy wearing - as well as fashionable
broaches and stick pin accessories 
in memory of the dagger he was stabbed with.
Patron saint of milliners and costume jewelry makers
- he ought to be.

I just made up the part about 
the hats and accessories.


  1. God bless him. I also have to say, while I'm giggling here, that you are A Character. Then I had to go peruse some Fascinators, and the ones which look like hats are called Hatinators. LOL. Interesting Sunday I'm having and I thank you. ;)

    1. Haha - glad you enjoyed it Maggie. God bless you!


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