Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hail to the Chief ...

Psycho Cruz ensured he'd win ...

Hillary can't beat Trump. She's just like Cruz - no one wants her, no one likes her - she can't win.

Song for this post here.


  1. Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!

  2. Meh ... in my humble opinion, it's Obama and these last eight years that have given Trump what he needs to win the WH. People are fed up, angry, and well, rebelling ... no more towing the line or allowing themselves to be bossed around or herded/corralled up to vote for the fat cats guy.

    I am enjoying the so-called establishment wring their hands and chew their lips raw. Too bad it is coming to this but let's pray as we continue to watch election 2016.
    I remain undecided and independent of what anyone tells me.

    I will decide for myself if I move on to vote. St. Joseph, pray for us all!

  3. Prayer and fast time for sure.

  4. "The Simpsons" predicted a Trump presidency.

  5. I guess I'm not quite as convinced as you that Trump is the shoe-in...not that I really care either way. We're screwed no matter who wins.

  6. Well we have survived bad Presidents before. I am sure there will be a few unknown third party choices on the ballot. There is always the write in option too. I think Joe Biden is waiting in the wings should Hillary fall before November. Trump is all over the place. His history holds a position for and against every issue. Can we really believe he will do, or try to do, what he now says today? I for one do not think so. His history is as flawed as Bill Clinton's in the personal arena. Still, I think God does love the US. At least the US I grew up in. Maybe the year of Mercy is meant to rescue us. We can only hope and pray it will be so.

  7. People in our country know something is desperately wrong, and Trump - as evil as he is - gives them a voice, just as Hitler gave the downtrodden people of Germany a voice. The people just don't realize that just as Hitler led them into hell, so Donald Trump will do. And Hillary is absolutely no better.

    I can't vote this year. There is no "lesser."


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