Thursday, June 18, 2015

This is dumb ... Patheos bloggers weigh in on Bishop Tobin's rebuke about being a slob at Mass.

Flabmeisters - meisterin

Bishop Tobin referred to the pew-sitters as "flabmeisters".

He should have known better. If women read that kind of language they will be very, very upset and worried and offended: "Does this pew make me look fat?" No hon, you are - err - just ... cranky.

That's part of the problem I think.

Who cares if Bishop Tobin candidly called out people who slide into Mass dressed as slobs, carrying water bottles and Starbucks cups, baring it all? Who cares? If you care, dress better. Leave your lunch at the door, get your coffee after Mass. Asking for some decorum at Mass is his prerogative. At least he doesn't use the F-word in his statements and posts - the way some Patheo-gens do. Nor was he talking about vaginae or camel lips - the way some Patheo-gens do.

Patheos women have to bitch about something, I suppose.

In fact - a couple Patheo-gens have written about what to wear to Mass and went so far as to complain about what people wear on the street ... don't mention yoga pants.

Personally, I don't care what people wear to Mass and I don't care what bishops say about it. It's so not going to keep me away from Mass. If you think Bishop Tobin's choice of words is going to drive people away from Mass or the Church, you ladies may be experiencing a mixed episode of some sort.

There are much bigger problems with bishops and their flocks - much, much more serious issues - have you heard of Bishops resigning lately?  Oh that's right - you all weighed in on that as well.


  1. Bishop Tobin undercut his argument by referring to "hirsute flabmeisters" wearing shorts and "mature women with skimpy clothes." It makes it sound as if his objection is an aesthetic one, as if revealing attire is acceptable for the young, waxed, and fit: hotties OK.

    Church attire does matter to me. In preparing parents and prospective godparents for baptisms, our gentle director of religious education advises them to dress modestly for the occasion. Some of the young women, whom I've never seen in church before, arrive in dresses that are barely there and appear to have been spray painted on. And what is your purpose in coming here today--to baptize a child or to excite lust?

    I know they're just reflecting the culture. I'm a college instructor. The many times I've thought, "Why, thank you for showing us your breasts today." Guys used to display the tops of their sometimes very colorful underwear, but, thank goodness, that trend seems to be dying down.

    1. I hadn't looked at it that way. I'm sure he's against the hotties in skimpy clothing too.

      I'm sure you see way too much on campus.

      The issue just seemed so insignificant in light of what has been going on in my archdiocese lately.

    2. Maria, regarding baptizing or lust, why can't it be both? Catholics are both/and people!

    3. I'm just happy with modest clothes and that people actually show up.


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