Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Scare tactics don't work.

Gay sex can kill you.

I know someone who only cares about that fact on his way to the Dr. to get tested.  The statistics are good for researchers and essayists, but I doubt they're a big deterrent.

Of course there are many people online who love to quote stats on how damaging gay sex is to one's health.  And not just men's health either.  I came across a comment by someone who comments a lot on a host of different blogs and articles on marriage and family.  I laughed out loud because of how it was phrased, and when I was telling someone about it, I was laughing so hard I could hardly get it out.

The discussion was about lesbians and STD's:
"They have their own risky behaviors. A lesbian cousin of mine was killed by leukemia on her death certificate, but the last crisis was brought on by a yeast infection due to fisting."

Do they really do that?


So anyway.  It's unverifiable hearsay, an unverifiable diagnosis offered as proof.  Yeast infections are common for women - frequently resulting from some sort of lubricant.  It happens to lesbian and hetero women. 

I've been reading so much stupid stuff online lately - which may be one reason I have trouble taking a lot of the crap that is posted seriously.  Oh well.