Friday, May 08, 2015

Happy Birthday to Cathy of Alexandria

Cathy and Ray

Once upon a time there was a pretty little girl who worked in an office doing stuff, but nobody knew what she did. Way back when blogs were first invented, she had a site called Recovering Dissident Catholic, which was very popular. Then she quit blogging and ran off with a cat - intending to create some sort of act in Vegas.   After that, no one ever heard from her again - until last weekend.

She was seen having breakfast last Saturday with a former US Marshall, Ray.  They were seen in a cheap restaurant in St. Paul.  No one sees her or hears from her except Ray. A few years ago Ray bought Cathy the dress shown in the photo.  He used to be a film actor in the late 1950's, then he moved back to Minneapolis and opened his own Private Investigation firm - which is how he met Cathy who hired him to spy on her neighbors, who she thought were video-taping her when she danced.  That's all I know.

[I'm told Cathy spends her free time braiding her cat's fur, stacking and gluing Cold Spring beer bottles to be used as room dividers for lofts, and calling the cops on her neighbors.]

Happy Birthday Cath!


  1. Happy Birthday Cathy of Alex!!!!

    1. I expected LarryD to stop by but he's too busy writing smut for Patheos.


  2. Haha! Happy Birthday Cathy!

  3. I remember her! Happy BDay!


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