Friday, May 08, 2015

Catholic Social Media and Accuracy ... Volpi is dead... The Pope will abolish the Swiss Guards ...


"The warning will occur 'at a time when we most need it' ... etc.."

Remember that one?

Ever hear the one about how the Pope intends to get rid of the Swiss Guard?
Dec 4, 2014 - Pope sacks the head of his Swiss Guard for being 'too strict' ..... I hope he doesn't get rid of them or try to force them to wear business suits. 
The Swiss Guard has been protecting the Pope and his palace since 1506... 
Dec 5, 2014 - Pope Francis fires head of the Swiss Guard: 'I give the orders around here' ... The Pope is said to have been appalled recently to have emerged ...
This week the scourge of the FFI, Fr. Fidenzo Volpi was reported to be dead.
2 days ago - It seems Fr Fidenzio Volpi O.F.M. Cap. has died today, 6 May 2015

2 days ago - There are rumors that the pope is seeking to replace the dead Volpi with a Jesuit to ... Praying for Full Restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Oops ...
1 day ago - The news spread yesterday of the sudden death of Father Volpi was, as they say, premature. Fr Volpi suffered a massive stroke...
How disappointing is that, huh?

So anyway.

The Swiss Guard fantasy can be put to rest this week as well.
VATICAN CITY — Thirty-two new Swiss Guards Wednesday swore an oath of allegiance to Pope Francis, who told them their role is one of courageously imitating Christ, which ought to be rooted in prayer. 
In an audience with the new guards and their families earlier in the week, Pope Francis said it was an occasion “to nurture a meaningful friendship, because you work so close to me.” - NCRegister



  1. And that is exactly why I don't read very much Catholic social media. You're an exception ;-)

  2. What is this about this pope? He lulls them into thinking he's going to change everything, continually disappointing them by *still* being Catholic. It's like watching Lucy pull the football from underneath Charlie Brown's foot, over and over again!

    He's the pope of course he's Catholic! He needs the Swiss Guards; tourism $ amirite? I'll pray for Fr. Volpi, whoever he is. No doubt Papa will replace him with someone he deems appropriate.

  3. Though to be honest, I'm not sure the blogosphere's accuracy rate is any worse than the MSM. Witness yesterday's UK election, for example. If I had a dollar for every pollster's error in that election, I'd be able to have a nice dinner for a week! And don't forget all the stories suggesting we ought to have President Romney by now...

    Seriously, gossip and the spreading of unfounded rumor is something to be deplored. However, I don't think we can single out social media - perhaps they exacerbate the problem, but to me it's highly unlikely that we'd have an error-free media if we simply eliminated the bloggers. It's easy to pick on those in Catholic social media because so many of them make themselves so fatuous, both the traddies and the neocons (I won't name names, but I could), but tell me honestly - how is this different from the game of telephone we used to play when we were kids? Or does that mean we should condemn that as well?

    I'm all for accuracy; I think there are too many people out there too anxious to see their names in print without taking the time to be sure they're right (Dan Rather, anyone?). In short, I'm tired of reading statements that turn out not to be factual, but I'm also getting tired of being a scold about it.

    1. I agree with you - MSM screws stuff up and exacerbates problems all on its own.

      Did it sound as if I was condemning? I'm not at all suggesting bloggers be eliminated or that people should abandon social media. What would I have to blog about and critique if they did that?

      I never played telephone.

      Anyway, I just took down a post about Liberation Theology - I realized I don't know enough about it to make a statement with such certitude that it was created by the KGB. Just because a former agent said so - they all lied all the time. I had no right to express my opinion on the subject.

      So I always try to scold myself first.

      Periodically I get turned off by most of what I see online and I get down on myself about it. When I critique another, the same stuff I dislike in the other is usually my problem as well - or it tells me something about me - or I've been there done that.

      I think most bloggers - if any of us actually make it - will spend a very long time in purgatory.

    2. I also should mention the misinformation I cited here was from sources which seem to be dedicated to finding fault with Pope Francis and the manner in which he guides the Church. Hence my reminder as to how untrustworthy good Catholics with a website can be.


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