Saturday, April 25, 2015

The interview with Bruce Jenner ...

In the development of masculine identity 
it is important to be good in sports. 
Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons

I watched Diane Sawyer's interview.

I realized there is nothing funny about transgender.

I do not understand it at all.

People say he can't ever be a woman because of XY chromosomes.  He can make himself look like a woman -WHY?! - but biologically he will always be a man.

I get that.  

So anyway - he will be a transgender man then.  Right?

I don't know.

I can't understand it.


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  3. ~N. I'm so sorry - I accidentally removed your comment - it printed twice so I thought I was removing the duplicate and both were deleted. I don't know how/why some comments duplicate. Sorry about that.

  4. Hey Terry,

    I've never left a comment here, but I followed a link over here one time and I check in periodically to hear your thoughts on life :) hope you don't mind that.

    Bruce Jenner is almost definitely an autogynephile/ sufferer of autogynephilia:

    A longer, and less sympathetic, explanation here (its a blog run by a lesbian feminist):

    you'd probably also be interested on the comments in this thread (about Bruce Jenner's interview on the same site):

    There's a huge political machine pushing gender ideology, obviously, given the amount of attention he's receiving. It's left a lot of bad blood among feminists and gay people, just judging by what I've read online. I live in an area that has a large population of transgender people and out of the 7 or 8 I've met they were all clearly autogynephilic (identify as lesbians, don't attempt much to pass as female, disrespectful and affected toward women.) It was obvious the first time I met and tried to be friendly with one of these guys that he absolutely wasn't a gay man, or feminine in any way. He also made me uncomfortable with sexual comments, and creepily tried to bond over sexy lesbian sports stars (I'm not a lesbian and it was literally the first thing he asked me so he knew that.)

    Just my two cents, 'cause I actually know something about this.
    Love your blog btw :)

    1. Ellie - I just discovered your comment thanks very much for the information. I never heard of autogynephilic - so I will investigate. Strange world.


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