Monday, April 20, 2015

Minneapolis On The Map Again! Little Mogadishu and the terror recruiters are here.

Right here in Minneapolis.
Six Minnesota men are accused of planning to travel to Syria to help support the Islamic State militant group.
The Department of Justice said the men, who were arrested in two different states Sunday, are all charged with “conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.” Some are facing similar additional federal charges.
“As described in the criminal complaint, these men worked over the course of the last 10 months to join ISIL,” said U.S. Attorney Luger in the news release. “Even when their co-conspirators were caught and charged, they continued to seek new and creative ways to leave Minnesota to fight for a terror group.” - Bring Me the News

I think it might be more accurate to state that Minneapolis has a 'terror recruiting problem'.

This is the city in Minnesota where most Somalis live.

All the headlines say the recruiters are from Minnesota - but they're pretty much centered right here in Minneapolis.  As our Mayor noted recently:
We are also a city of refugees, of people who escaped war and persecution and were welcomed here. Minneapolis is known across the world as a safe harbor for refugees and we should be proud of that history. - Mayor Betsy Hodges, State of the City Address

BTW.  One of Mayor Hodges' main goals for her administration is Minneapolis Climate Champs Challenge.  It's a huge concern. (Freedom to marry is also big on her agenda.)
We know our collective future depends on our ability to have a planet — and a city — that can sustain life with clean air, clean water, nourishing food, and stable weather patterns. - Mayor Hodges

Really?  I'm thinking public safety may need some attention as well.  


  1. . That's it. We need a moratorium on immigrants fleeing danger if they themselves are carrying a framed 6x9 of Zawahiri or Bin Laden in their luggage. Am I guessing right that our immigration screeners have no list of penetrating questions. What branch of Sunni are you? Does it rhyme with "ma hobby"...." so laffi"?
    Are you drawn toward groups who will find you a you don't have to risk hearing...." it's me, it's not you" for the 32 nd time?

  2. They're getting ready to dump a bunch of Syrian Muslims in St. Cloud which also has a healthy dose of Muslims.

  3. I think it has Somalis. Minnesota is infested with them.


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