Monday, April 20, 2015

Menswear tutorial: Don't dress like a ---.

Armani says men should dress like men.

But maybe not like this.
Designer Peter Marino lives and works in drag-leather-costume.

Don't be an exhibitionist...

Giorgio Armani comments.  This is important because?  I think it aligns with Dolce and Gabanna's anti-gay marriage stance - which is perceived by gay-fascists as being anti-gay.  D&G said nothing about men dressing as men - but Armani has done so and I'm sure he'll be criticized for it - if he hasn't been already.
Giorgio Armani, the 80-year-old fashion designer and billionaire, has criticised the way some gay men choose to dress. 
Armani told The Sunday Times Magazine: "A homosexual man is a man 100 per cent. He does not need to dress homosexual. 
"When homosexuality is exhibited to the extreme - to say: 'Ah, you know I'm homosexual,' - that has nothing to do with me. A man has to be a man."
His remarks went down pretty badly with some Twitter users. - Source
Armani 2009
This isn't what I'd call masculine,
but I like what he had to say about manliness.

So this is important, why?

It counters gender-queer theory/ideology.  It counters the inclination to wear all the trends and to be an ostentatious parody-stereo-type of gay.  Don't dress gay - and don't dress like an action-hero figure either.

Know yourself.  Accept your manhood.  Be a man.  Be proud.  Support masculinity.

Then repent and live a chaste and holy life in service to others.


Armani 2012-2013
I'd avoid this look too.

Myself?  I've always been a Polo-type guy... or maybe like Pat Sajak.

“You can't find a more decent guy than Pat, you know.”

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  1. I've worn ties w/shorts before it was cool. With vests, even. And of course polos & jeans etc. Totally agree w/Armani's comments.

    1. You're a disgrace to bears everywhere - turn in your cropped pants.


    2. The cropped pants in the second picture are nice and would look great if one is young, beautiful, and walking around in Laguna Beach, California. ;p


  2. I no longer pay attention to popular fashions. At my age, I make my own look which I guess is comfortable, modest, and hopefully flattering.

  3. Apparently Peter Marino and Andrew Sullivan are the same person...

    1. Haha! Howdy Scott. I think that's a match.

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