Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day. Google asks: What kind of animal are you? And that makes sense because ...

The Church has to be more welcoming to Therians.

Therian rights are the next big thing...

I told you about therianthropy* before.  I'm a poodle trapped in a man's body.  I'm actually a standard poodle, lamb-cut, champagne colored fur, limpid amber eyes, very cute and adorable.

It could be true.

Lonely single Therians do not feel welcome.

Therianthropy is very much like LGBTQ-thropy - or genderlessness or pick your gender theory-ideology.  You are what you think you are.  Some Therians actually have surgery to make themselves look like the creature they think they are.  There is a labyrinth of terms and expressions within this identity-category - it can get as confusing as LGBTQueerness theory.

Seriously, I doubt Google's intention was to spread knowledge of Therianism - I'm sure the question is all in fun, 'what kind of animal are you?'  Sort of like Barbara Walters asking, 'If you were a tree what kind would you be?'  (Nut tree.)

I'm a single cat parent of a large litter - people at church look at me funny.

*A therian is a person who considers itself to be part of the contemporary subculture of therianthropy: Very much like genderqueer**, it is a condition based on a spiritual and/or psychological identification with animals, either from earth, extraterrestial, and or mythic.  Then there are Otherkin - but that's a whole different identity.  I once worked with a dragon who introduced me to these theories.

**FYI: A queer glossary may be found here.

Happy Earth Day.

“But if you tame me, then we
shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I
shall be unique in all the world.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince



  1. Wow. You managed to come up with a term I've never come across before. I think this is what's knows as "furries" in the vernacular...

    There's a whole street fair for this in SF. Naturally.

    Unfortunately, as with all of the more unsavory street fairs, it's within a block or two of my apartment. I always chalked up the whole furry thing to an utter and complete refusal to grow up. It's bad enough when the twenty-somethings engage in that kind of stuff, but when you see forty- and fifty-somethings who've obviously been into that "lifestyle" for a while it's just sad and creepy and depressing.

    And then there's Jocelyn Wildenstein, who takes the whole thing to an entirely lunatic level. What a way to blow what

  2. ...what had to have been one of the awesomest divorce settlements in the history of divorce settlements.


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