Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ask Father: Can I sign up for the concealed pistol license (CPL) classes if I'm a convicted felon?

 I'm sorry, the classes are closed to criminals.


Did you know the Michigan priest, Fr. Edward Fride was asked by his Bishop to not to offer the book based CPL lessons at the parish church?
The Detroit Free Press reported Monday that the Lansing Catholic Bishop Earl Boyea said in a statement that guns and gun lessons do not belong in a Catholic Church. The Diocese of Lansing oversees the Christ the King Church in Ann Arbor and Fride said in his Facebook post that he would respect the bishop’s decision. - Source

It's for the best.

Toto, how'd you get all that
way to Mayberry?


  1. Terry, I'd only go along with that only if we banned every form of non-theological education in churches. Maybe it's just our mentality here in Texas - we just passed open-carry, after all - but I think everyone SHOULD be trained in handgun use. Guns themselves are morally neutral; they're neither good nor evil, it all depends on how and why they're used. I think a priest should always know his audience; assuming that this priest did, and that his parish would be receptive to it, I see nothing wrong with what he said.

    My point, I guess, is that I disagree that guns and gun lessons inherently do not belong in a Catholic Church. Why not? They belong any place where they could be used to save a life. We should have training in schools, in the YMCA, anyplace where people can benefit from them. Is someone actually going to base their opposition on the "turn the other cheek" mantra? If not, what makes it any different from AA meetings, or tax preparation meetings, or anything else? Parishes have all kinds of activities taking place in their social halls, and a good amount of it is heterodox. If the pope can shoot his mouth off, can't we shoot our guns? At least, unlike the pope, we've received the proper training - and we know how to hit the target! :)

  2. His parish is a famous charismatic parish that is always packed and produces lots of vocations. Some Catholic celebs go there including Steve Ray and Ralph Martin. A Chaldean Rite ex-gf took me there kicking and screaming to show me that good things are happening even in novus ordo parishes. LOL

    The pastor is revered by his flock. He's not at all a right wing type, he's actually touchy feely. The ex-gf said that he even told the congregation he suffers from SSA.

  3. "good things are happening even in novus ordo parishes"

    That's right...the good Lord makes not a distinction unlike some. He looks into the heart of each one who comes seeking His love, His forgiveness, His healing touch. He knows who's earnest and humble and who is proud and self-righteous. I remember what it was like to seek out the Lord without making distinctions either. He lifted me up and brought me back to life and all at the NO Masses I have attended over the years.

    As far as teaching folks how to defend themselves, why not? There may come a day when we will have to do just that and on our own turf. Not a pleasant thought but not an impossibility either.
    The one good thing that came from all of this is the fact that Father is loyal and submitted to his bishop's request...he set a fine example for everyone else.

    1. I agree - the priest acted perfectly and set a wonderful example of obedience and respect for his bishop. His parish is fortunate to have such a faithful man.

    2. The thing that I am upset about is the fact that "pig wrestling" was banned at another parish. A tradition that is reported to have spanned 44 years per Deacon Greg's article.

      What can be more fun than to watch a bunch of squealers tossle and scrunch each other up in the mud? Sounds innocent enough to me...but apparently, tis no longer considered politically correct...animal cruelty and all.

    3. I'm against it. I'm against bull-fighting too. I'm also against circus animals in captivity. I'm against dog fights, cock fights and so on. Let people fight each other instead. Cage fighting works - boxing is good - wrestling is fun - hockey is a great sport. Not to leave anyone out - mud wrestling for women.

      I don't mind working animals - as long as they are humanely treated. Dog sleds are great - dogs love to work.

      No pig wrestling though.

    4. Ah...Terry. That last bit about the piggies was a troll post. ^^ I had a good chuckle when I read about it though. But nah...I agree. I like bacon way better. ;p ;p

  4. Why, oh why, do faithful Catholics continually shoot themselves in the foot? Christ the King parish is a charismatic, "personal" parish located in Ann Arbor, MI. It has many educated, long-time, committed parishioners. Since many of these people were once in the Word of God covenant community in Ann Arbor, you would think that they would have learned from their past mistakes. A number of people associated with Ralph Martin's "Renewal Ministries" are members of Christ the King parish. Why aren't they giving direction to their priest? Lord, save us from ourselves!


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