Sunday, March 22, 2015

Passion Sunday or the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Fr. Z has a poll up ...

Fr. Z is asking if your church covered statues today.  My answer: No.

If he asked about organ and instrumental music during Lent, and now in Passiontide, my answer would be: Yes.

I read in Magnificat last Sunday that instrumental music is permitted for Laetare Sunday - that's how I knew things were done differently at my parish.

I don't want to complain - it's not my call.  I'm so grateful for Mass and the Blessed Sacrament and the availability of the Sacrament of Penance.  So many people do not have that.

I won't complain either.  Although we have ugly statues, an ugly worn out tabernacle-box off to the side - but I try not to look.  We do have a huge hot-tub type Baptismal pool which one can't avoid seeing though.  The church could be beautiful - but it's not.

The bright side is that it can be an aid to deeper recollection - keeping one's eyes closed when praying, focusing upon the readings and the Mass.  It allows for a deeper poverty of spirit, as well as a sense of unity with those who pray in exile, in makeshift churches or dangerous circumstances - those whose churches have been destroyed or taken away.  The 'privations' at my parish are nothing in comparison and really are a blessing and a reminder to pray with greater fervor - especially for those most in need of mercy.


  1. Thank you Terry, well said especially about our persecuted brothers and sisters whose beloved churches have been razed/destroyed.

    May we in the West never come to lose that which should be most precious to us.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Good point to remember! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Time off from purgatory for you, Terry, for going to an ugly church--especially since you're a visual artist. I could only stand to do it upon occasion...if there were no good alternatives. I thank God for the beauty of so many of our churches and certainly for the beauty of the one I go to.

  4. My sentiments are likewise when I go to other parishes in the area. I used to get worked up, but it doesn't do anything but take time and attention from God. And, some of these priests are doing the best they can with what they have. I know newer priests who want to change things, but if not for the lack of funds, it's that rapid change can send people packing, so they go incrementally, slowly. I think that's prudent.


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