Monday, March 23, 2015

Stuff I like.

I haven't painted since before eye surgery last December.


  1. I like the last one. He is pondering the mysteries of our most gracious God. ^^

    Off topic:

    Terry, have you seen anything so sweet and so pure?

    1. I did see that! I so love it - they overwhelmed the Holy Father - you can see how surprised he was. The group appeared to be Poor Clares. It is sweet and pure as you say - such an affirming grace. Thanks!

  2. And as Papa was overwhelmed one could not help but see his face shine with innocent surprise and joy...I felt I was watching a child take delight in what was going on around him. ^^
    A happy and delightful moment for everyone there. Cardinal Sepe's comments just added to all the fun as he was good-natured about it all.

    With so much tragedy in the world, I am grateful to almighty God for such a moment of sweet delight. <3

  3. In the John Charbonneau, the figure on the right is St. John of the Cross, with his mountain removed, who has found a happy home at NGA.
    A Rembrandt hangs next to him.


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