Monday, March 23, 2015

What I like about Pewsitters.

Their sense of equality.

I credit my blog posts for that.  I've often called them out, posting screenshots of their anti-papist headlines, their uncharitable bylines and selective pull quotes which foment division and hostility in the Catholic blogosphere, as well as critiquing many of their other tabloid-style bait and click tricks.  But I see they have come around, and rather quickly at that.

They now feature Patheos bloggers as well as other bloggers who may be critical of traditionalists and other favored headliners such as Michael Voris.  Here are a few screenshots to prove my point.

  • Fr. Longenecker: Martin O'Malley is a dishonest creepy sleazebag snake ... more
  • Tushnet: I disagree with most participants in "Owning Our Faith", but I try to always say yes when asked to appear ... more
  • Democrat Martin O'Malley on being Catholic and supporting gay marriage ... more
  • Anchoress on Chilean Barros Appt.: If it was appropriate for a Cardinal Archbishop to resign for his sexual activity with grown men, how can it be appropriate for a priest named as an accessory to the abuse of minors to be made bishop?... more
  • Deacon Kandra: Shouldn't the Vatican say something about this, Pope Francis? ... more

Truth in charity at work!

(Last week it was Larry at Acts of the Apostasy with his post praising the journalism skills and business sense of the editorial staff at Pewsitters.  That post also may have played a role in their change of heart and elevating the editorial standards to the level we've seen the past few day.  I think it's beautiful.)

Kudos Pewsitters!  You have risen to the top of the Catholic News network.



  1. Quite the click-bait headline, Ter.

  2. Quite the click-bait headline, Ter.

  3. Dunno Terry. They might be featuring other bloggers of the good side now but it still seems too Rad Trad to me. I'll play it cautiously, though they aren't a regular visit of mine when I surf the Net

    1. With this particular post I'm just playing around again. I really do check Pewsitters because they link to everything - despite their frequent negatively editorialized headlines.


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