Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fr. Check: Courage has “no interest” in trying to redirect someone’s sexual attractions.

"Despite claims to the contrary, Courage has 'no interest' in trying to redirect someone’s sexual attractions, he said. 'What we do have an interest in [is] helping people to live all the virtues well.'” - Fr. Check

Get that?

I get it.  And Catholics have to hear it and understand it.  In my opinion Courage is the right apostolate for gay Catholics who wish to live in fidelity to Catholic teaching.  As the article I link to states, Fr. Check 'is preparing to join “useful” conversations about homosexuality' at the upcoming Synod on the Family.
Homosexuality will be a major topic in the 14th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family, which will be held in Vatican City Oct. 4-25. Bishops will seek answers to questions about family issues such as cohabitation, divorce and remarriage, and how to give pastoral attention to people with homosexual tendencies.
“We are interested in and hopeful that we can provide some thoughtful reflection on two things,” Father Check said.
The first goal is to reflect on “the consistent teaching of the Church on sexual ethics and, in particular, on homosexuality over 2,000 years,” he said. The other is to begin “a useful conversation, a calm conversation” about “the lived experience” of many Catholics.
“We think that perspective, that voice — the Catholic with homosexual inclinations or same-sex attraction — is a valuable voice on this topic and deserves to be heard,” said Father Check, who has led Courage for 12 years.
Courage’s efforts were once praised by Pope John Paul II as “doing the work of God.”
“What makes this group interesting is that, quite counterculturally, they do believe that the Church’s teaching is what’s best and true, and leads to fulfillment even though the problem — let’s call it from their point of view homosexuality — remains,” Father Check said.  - Read more here.

There are a lot of voices out there - people worried about the upcoming synod - speculating, predicting schism and error will triumph, and so on.  I have the greatest peace because of priests and leaders such as Fr. Check.  And.  I trust in Jesus.

Not to worry.

Mercy and truth have embraced,
Justice and peace have kissed. - Ps. 85 


  1. "There are a lot of voices out there - people worried about the upcoming synod - speculating, predicting schism and error will triumph, and so on."

    And of course...smearing Papa Francis while they are at it.

    I like what you have to say and have understood what Courage has had to say all along regarding living lives of virtue well. I pray everyday for such virtue as it applies to my life.

    Terry, as you may already be aware, I like what our Holy Father had to say regarding the upcoming Synod:

    "Pope Francis has called on Catholics to stop gossiping about the upcoming Synod on the Family and to instead pray for it. The pontiff has also asked that the prayers be offered so that "no one is excluded" from the witness of God's love."

    I like Father's name - Fr. Check. May he help keep us all "in check" before Almighty God. ;p

  2. This shows true compassion and mercy. The big problem with those promoting homosexuality is that they think it identifies the whole person. That is also the problem with those who condemn homosexuals. As a heterosexual, I am more than my sexuality and so are those with same sex attraction. But those with same sex attraction carry a much larger cross because they must say no to their desires in ALL circumstances. They deserve compassion, not condemnation.

    I agree with Yaya - for all of us it comes down to living lives of virtue well. We all have much to learn from each other. God bless Courage for giving us a voice of sanity amidst all of the insanity.


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