Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Okay. So if demons or the devil talks to you, don't listen - and never believe what you hear.

Detail of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's The Fall of the Rebel Angels

The devil hates people - and unnatural vice.

The devil is also a liar.  Christ said he is 'the father of lies'.

Which is why I'm thinking - if he tells you something - don't believe him.  (It might be a good idea not to pay attention to any voices - but check with your confessor or spiritual director first to make sure.)

What am I talking about?  I don't know.  Because I'm not an authority on this stuff.

But here's a thought:
"Spiritual deception is the state of all men without exception, and it has been made possible by the fall of our original parents. All of us are subject to spiritual deception. Awareness of this fact is the greatest protection against it. Likewise, the greatest spiritual deception of all is to consider oneself free from it". Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov
That's interesting, isn't it?

If you disagree - that's fine - I'm just saying.

Song for this post here.


  1. I never believe my voices unless they're telling me I need to go to Nosworthy's for the best French fries in the entire world. That is truly a message from God.

    Click on the link and it will take you to the menu page (which strangely has no menu), but it does have a picture. Notice that the booth to the left of the fireplace is empty. That's because that's OUR booth and it's waiting for us to get there and order some fries. Yay!

    How's your eye?

    1. I can see clearly now - remember that song? Anyway - it's a miracle - my next surgery is Friday.

      My voices tell me things I can't tell anyone except the cat. What?

  2. A demon once told me that they were going to eventually break apart the Euro currency bloc. Sounds right to me, but that's not actionable investing advice since the demon didn't give me a date. What?

    One of the stars of the investing world, Jeffrey Gundlach, once said that he doesn't know where he gets his investing ideas. It's mysterious--they just come to him. The way he said it creeped me out. He got in some trouble a while back for keeping a box in his office full of porn, drug and sex paraphernalia. Nothing to see here folks!

    1. Ha! I hope you don't listen to demons.

  3. The devil also hates the Cross:

    The "theology of politics", in one way or another, has been prophesied by some as the great temptation the Church will face. It is the one Christ Himself faced: be worldly, yet spiritual. The world will go for so much, but not everything.

    We should be on guard of the Pope if he wishes to get involved in mere this-world matters. It is a temptation.


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