Sunday, January 11, 2015

Things I don't get.

Deacon Kandra has a post about an Irish priest announcing from the pulpit that he is gay and he gets a standing ovation.

That's fine - Kandra is just reporting the story, and really - big deal, like anyone is surprised a priest would make such an announcement - albeit inappropriate and in defiance of Catholic teaching regarding marriage.  (Oh - and he said 'gay'.)

However, the thing I don't get is how Catholics screamed anti-Catholic when the 1994 film Priest was released.  The film was about an Irish priest kinda, sorta like the one Deacon K reported on.  It was a very realistic film, released just as the priest scandal was breaking.  Why did Catholics hurl the same anti-Catholic rants over stories about the so-called Magdalene Laundries and films such as Philomena - and even the Dan Brown novels and films - which really are fiction?  What was that all about?  What is it about?

Especially when many of the same Catholic Defense League types complain, scorn, condemn, even attack Pope Francis.  How anti-Catholic can you get?

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  1. We really are a noisy bunch. But we're not all making noise at the same time about the same thing. Regarding films (true and accurate or not), I just get really quiet and hope they will go away. SOON. There just isn't anything like a "popular" film to stir up anti-Catholic sentiments whether the noisy folks are Catholic or not.

    1. Ha! Trouble is, I really appreciated all the films I listed. The big one M. Angelica was so upset about - The Last Temptation of Christ - I never saw it nor am I interested in ever seeing it. DaVinci code and the other Dan Brown stuff is so obviously fictionalized, I can't imagine anyone taking it seriously except as entertainment and cool locations to visit for vacation.

    2. You have no idea how many Protestant friends seem to take that dratted book as gospel. The idea that your typical Opus Dei person would look like a center-left parliamentarian rather than an albino monk whooshes over theie heada.

    3. I didn't think of that.


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