Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prayers for the Pope

The Pope in Sri Lanka.

Buddhist and Hindu leaders welcomed the Pope, speaking of the need for peace, reconciliation and unity in a nation still struggling to overcome the effects of the civil war. A Muslim representative also recalled the need for religious leaders to build bridges, overcome suspicion and promote peaceful coexistence between communities. He mentioned the killing of innocent people in France and Pakistan in the name of Islam, but he said “Islam has no relationship to such evil conduct and deeds”.

Unofficial reports say the Holy Father is already exhausted.  Pray for the Holy Father.


  1. Honest question: If Islam has no connection to violence, how do they account for their behavior in the caliphate(s) of old when they swept across Northern Africa and into Spain & France et al?

    1. They were just extremists back then too. It's always been a religion of peace. What?


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