Friday, January 16, 2015

See. I told you so: Pope Francis and Little Therese.

Francis is her little Pope...
Aboard the papal plane, Jan 15, 2015 / 12:05 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- During his flight to the Philippines, Pope Francis thanked a French journalist who gave him an image of St. Therese, saying that instead of giving the usual rose when he asked for help, St. Therese came to him herself. 
“I have the habit of, when I don't know how things will go, to ask of St Therese the little child, St Therese of Jesus, to ask her if she takes a problem in hand, some thing, that she send me a rose,” the Pope told journalists during his Jan. 15 in-flight press conference from Sri Lanka to the Philippines. 
“I asked also for this trip that, she'd take it in hand and that she would send me a rose. But instead of a rose she came herself to greet me.” 
The image of the St. Therese, which was given to the Pope by Paris Match’s journalist Caroline Pigozzi, was a bas-relief, or carving, that appeared to be in silver. 
After the Pope received the framed image, he thanked Pigozzi for the gift, saying “Thanks to Caroline and thanks to little Therese and to (all of) you.” - CNA

He's a Theresian Pope.

I like this very much.


  1. Geee - he's sooo Catholic :)

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  3. Every time I despair of what Pope Francis does or says - something like this happens! It's a good reminder that I am not in charge.
    Consolota - I don't get roses either but stuff will happen that makes me think Therese is there. A clerk will help me and her name will turn out to be Rose, I will run into an old colleague and her jacket will be rosy pink, etc. Recently I returned from a Theresian retreat and was not bold enough to ask for roses for myself but I get on the plane and the girl behind me is carrying roses. I get to the connecting airport and there is a woman holding roses. I land and a man walks by the luggage carousel guessed it - a bunch of roses! When I got home there were tulips (my favorite) on the table. So sometimes she is there but because she's so hidden you just have to look with different eyes. Praying for you.

    1. Twice she gave me 1st class relics - and I never ask for signs of any kind. Ever.

  4. Oh that is all so nice to hear Angela ! Thanks ! I will try seeing....

  5. He also supported "traditional marriage," and dissed contraception...that crazy leftist pope!!!!


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