Thursday, December 18, 2014

St. Joseph's Day in the Novena for Christmas

Do not be afraid ...

Can you feel the weight being lifted?  The fear leaving?  The joy that is coming?

It seems to me all the depression, the fear, the dissatisfaction, the dreariness is lifted - even if for a moment, with the angel's command to Joseph:  "Joseph, do not be afraid to take Our Lady St. Mary into your home, because she brings to you your God and Savior Jesus Christ ..."  St. Joseph was the husband of Our Lady, the foster father of Jesus.

The joy is so palpable.

I pray that all of those suffering may experience, may taste and see this joy in their hearts ... even amidst the terror - for a moment - to look up at the sky and to know behind the clouds, the Son of Justice shines and is near.

On the third day of the novena I pray with and for all of those who suffer, all those who are terrorized and afraid, all of those who have been massacred.

St. Joseph, protector of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus, pray for us!

Ignore all the naysayers, the negative, toxic voices online, in the news - look up and believe.  The LORD is so near ... so close ... BELIEVE.

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