Friday, December 19, 2014

Just think: Worldwide Order of Franciscans - Friars Minor - in grave financial distress!

I wonder ... what would St. Francis say?
The minister general of the order, outlined “a grave situation in which the General Curia of the Order now finds itself.”
First, the General Curia finds itself in grave, and I underscore ‘grave’ financial difficulty, with a significant burden of debt. Second, the systems of financial oversight and control for the management of the patrimony of the Order were either too weak or were compromised, thus limiting their effectiveness to guarantee responsible, transparent management. We have initiated steps to address these concerns. Third, there appears to have taken place a number of questionable financial activities that were conducted by friars entrusted with the care of the patrimony of the Order without the full knowledge or consent of the former and current General Definitorium. Because of the scope and magnitude of these activities, they have placed the financial stability of the General Curia at grave risk. - Source

Just imagine that.  The poor brothers of St. Francis actually facing financial distress - just like real poor people.

The perfect joy of St. Francis.

Saint Francis’ spoliation tells us simply what the Gospel teaches us: 
to follow Jesus means to put Him in the first place, 
to despoil ourselves of the many things we have that suffocate our heart, 
to renounce ourselves, to take up the cross and carry it with Jesus. 
To despoil ourselves of the pride-filled “I” and detach ourselves from the desire to have,
 from money, which is an idol that possesses. - Address of Pope Francis

O Little King, attraction of all hearts, 
we hail that blessed hour and moment 
in which you were born of 
the most pure Virgin Mary 
in the poverty of Bethlehem.  
You did not need earthly pomp or riches, 
for they could add nothing to your Infinite Majesty. 
 Teach us that true riches are within 
and that it is not what we have 
but what we are that counts. Amen.


  1. ahhh....! my first smile of the day, thank you. :)
    btw, almost forgot: I have a new Wonderful book about St. Therese: "Therese of Lisieux and Marie of the Trinity: the Transformative Relationship..."
    I need things spelled out, and this does. & Therese is whole, here.

  2. Tut-tut. We used to have close contacts with the Franciscans in D. C. who were chaplains for our Christian Family Movement group. They lived poverty about the way our bishops do. At one point they were living in a fabulous house in the Maryland suburbs with a swimming pool. Not only that, but many of them dissented from the faith (not all, I remember a few good ones.). We teamed on an Engaged Encounter with one priest we knew well and I told him if he scandalized the couples I'd kick him under the table. I prayed none of them would go see him for counseling. And this is the state of many of our religious orders today. God help us! And God help them. And if they go into poverty, blessed be God!

    1. No doubt the friars minor are very good and faithful. I always thought it odd that they wear street clothes under their habits and stuff like that. That's all.


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