Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ever hear of Tomte?

Tomten also bring gifts at Christmastime ...

Saint Birgitta of Sweden warned against Tomten because they originated in pagan mythology.  The mythological character persists to our day however, becoming the Swedish version of Santa.  Needless to say, the legendary tradition is just one more element in the observance of Christmas for fundamentalists to condemn.


  1. He looks creepy, so I like him. Kind of like those weird looking victorian Santas..(but then one of my favorite movies is Trilogy of Terror where that psycho escapes and dresses up like Santa and Joan Collins and her kid are trapped in the house...well because Joan killed her husband and is trying to get rid of the body...) Great creepy segment!

    Didn't the Pilgrims refrain from celebrating Christmas as it was "Papist.." ?

    1. My mail-lady looks like a Tomte - she's kind of creepy too. She has really short legs and complains she has to climb stairs to put the mail in the slot. She doesn't like the slot either. She yells all of the time - once I heard her "If you don't get a new mailbox you're gonna have to call in the swat team some day!" Another time she said, "PO Regulations say one hand gesture is all you need to put the mail in the box - if it doesn't go in it is your problem." She has really short arms too. I think she may be one of the more sinister Tomten.

      She's scary. But the entire Post Office in my zip code is pretty strange. There is one guy whose clothes are so tight he loooks like he will explode - tight short sleeve shirts to show off his muscles, severely trimmed beard - really close shaved head - It's obvious he's heavy into leather - and to use your expression, whenever he opens his mouth a purse falls out. I live in the Twilight Zone.

    2. I wanna come visit even more now!

    3. LOL! Last time I was there I said, "You're gonna bust right out of that shirt someday." He cracked up.

    4. Terry, you live in Harmony???? You have the best mail route in the world!


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