Friday, December 19, 2014

North Korea, The Interview, and Sony

The time has come.

Katherine Hepburn once said Hollywood people were pigs.  I wonder what she'd say about Sony executives and their emails dishing their employees and contractors?  Hollywood execs have the reputation for being pretty greedy and not too concerned about morality - in case you haven't noticed - so I don't feel bad about their loss.

As far as the film, The Interview, I suspect it would have been another lame attempt at gross comedy - so no loss for me.  The plot is offensive - no doubt about it.  Not just to N. Korea either, especially since every late night comedian makes fun of N. Korea's leader all of the time, so no big deal.  However, portraying 'journalists' or tabloid talk-show hosts as spies and assassins doesn't bode well for real journalists in the field, many of whom risk their lives to do real journalism in countries already hostile to American interests.  Our enemies will now have reason to be even more suspicious of journalists.

Liberty and freedom has been corrupted and misused in our country.  North Korea just gave us a 'warning'.  Someday it may be taken away completely.

Obviously there is cyber war and we lost this round - but that's another issue.  A film with an assassination plot doesn't give us much moral ground for us to stand on.  Just saying.


  1. Didn't some Hollywood insider once say something about Hollywood being like high school, only with money? Seems that way from the leaded emails (which are actually some of the most entertaining material to come out of Hollywood in ages).

    I'm with those who suggested Sony should've rented out the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, etc., and premiered the movie that way in face of the threats. The movie is probably pretty sophomoric, and while I agree that humor is an important tool in fighting tyranny, cheap mockery is probably not the best way to go.

  2. *leaked emails...

    And should've clarified -- premiered it in a big way on principle, not because the world would be missing out on important filmmaking.

    1. That's a good idea - the Kennedy Center would work for me.. Wish I would have said that: " I agree that humor is an important tool in fighting tyranny, cheap mockery is probably not the best way to go."

  3. Couldn't agree more

  4. Wait a minute! Pewsitter just said somebody said *you* said Katherine Hepburn was a North Korean. And that Commie strumpet took down Spencer Tracy, a Good Catholic Boy!

    I know it's true 'cuz the Catholic Interwebs.



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