Saturday, November 15, 2014

You keep talkin' but you ain't sayin' nothin' ...

I love that line.

After spending nearly an entire day at the doctor, I came home last evening, pupils dilated as wide as Ann Barnhardt's, checked out a few blogs, a few news sites, and came upon the latest Church Militant report: The Razor's Edge.

Really?  Is that really a report?  Is that all you got?

It's not news at all.

No offense to Voris - I like the guy - but it just seemed like speculation and opinion and hot air.  Nothing wrong with that - but why would I pay any attention?  (I didn't really, and clicked out midway through.)

Everyone keeps posting.  It is so pointless - so dumb - which could be fun if we didn't take ourselves so seriously.

Are we all completely delusional?  Maybe it's just me?

I'm not sure I can continue doing this much longer.